Why in new Dynamo versions the nod "ListGroupByKey" no working is normal?

So, I has a script, and in new Dynamo version script is incorrectly working, because node “ListGroupByKey” has new method create group. And I have a question:
This programm error or this normal work?.. If yes, how I can return old group method in new Dynamo version?
I need old version group method, but I want using is new version Dynamo
Sorry for my English)))

Hi @ildar.kachurin ,
try switching the lacing of the list.groupbykey to shortest . This is just a very rough guess

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All working)) Thank you so much!!!
I am so stupid)))

I don’t think that’s stupid :slight_smile: same node working differently is confusing! All I know is that list combinations are getting more and more straightforward at each version… Anyway , glad it worked for you

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