Why can I not get a true/false list between room boundaries and FamilyInstance.GetHost?

Hello everybody,

I need some help,
I am trying to get a true/false list between room boundaries and FamilyInstance.GetHost but I can not get it?

Somebody with any idea about the problem
In the Photo below is my code. If you see the code block is no working properly, also if I am trying to cross it with a<2>… I have tried everything that I can… but it is still not working.

Thank you

You are comparing the wrong list!

Hi M.Perez, and thank you for your response.

Maybe I don´t understand very well, because I am new on this but… If I am not in the wrong way… FamilyInstance.GetHost(b) get you a wall, and this wall I want to compare with “a” and get a list with true or false… Am I wrong at some point?

You just connected the wrong node. You have connected Elements in Room Output with “b” instead of FamilyInstace.GetHost. That is what I was trying to explain with the red line.

Connect the Output FamilyInstance.GetHost and you should have it (or almost, you may adjust lacing/hierarchy to make it work as expected.).

@M.Perez look closely and you’ll see he has the GetHost function in the code block.
@alejandre It looks like a list management issue to me. Instead of a code block use the == node and list levels.
also depending on what exactly you want to do you might need to set the lacing of that node to cross product.

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You are right! I haven’t seen that he has GetHost in the Block.

@alejandre like @viktor_kuzev sais you are comparing the host of the first door with the first wall of the first room. If the door is in the second wall, you will get a false as a result. But then it won’t compare the host of the first door with the second wall but the second with the second and then the third with the third.