Web scraping/parsing/crawling

I’m doing web parsing/scraping/crawling using python in VS Code via BeautifulSoup library.
Is it possible to do the same thing using python node in dymamo?

If yes, can i copy paste the python code from VS to dynamo? Or there’s some difference in the libraries?

I believe that should be doable but I haven’t tried it myself.

There are some differences in syntax between VS and IronPython or Python.net, so you’ll have to modify things but the base concepts should work.

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BeautifulSoup is a pure Python library (and compatible 2.7), so it is compatible with both Python engines

example with IronPython2

example with CPython3 + PythonNet

here is another solution without external library with the Microsoft mshtml module
example with CPython3 + PythonNet and IronPython2


thanks poupin, that solves things for me, will be seeking help if needed! :heart_eyes:

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