Visibility parameter in blockreference

Goodevening, I ’ m using 2D referenceblocks that have visibility parameter. The purpose is to get profit of the existing information, and trasnlate the 2D position of this blocks in a 3D model, by rotating them on X local axis ( so they transform vertical) and position them in the 3D surface. That works Ok and fine with the existing nodes, but the problem is when the BlockReference are transformed they lose the capability of applying visibility parameter that allows change this form in the new position.
Is that OK?

In addition, one workflow that may be worthy of evaluate is:

  1. node that extract visibility parameter of a blockreference
  2. node that allows change visibility, so it would change the block

If it is able to be done, the information can be modified with an excel file, by reading station-offset-blockname-visibility in block, and all the blocks can be changed in one click, even if you only have positioned one kind of block in your model.

Thank you.

Have you tried something like this?

Get visibility parameters:

Set visibility parameters:

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