Using "Or"

I’ve got 3 lists of bools coming from String.Contains. I want to feed all 3 into an “Or” to get one list of bools. How do I do this? Neither just simply feeding all 3 into the “Or” nor using List.Combine seem to work (see image).




Hi Ben this seems to be a limitation of the “And” and “Or” nodes. It seems they can;t work with lists and with any of the list mapping nodes (combine, LaceLongest/Shortest).

Have you tried the “||” node?


Thanks Dimitar.

That’s a little disappointing about the “And” and “Or” nodes. I would think there would have been some mandate in place that all Built-In nodes have to work on lists. If a node works with lists, it will also work on individual values, but if a node only works for individual values and does not accept lists, it’s use is extremely limited in scope…


Here’s what I managed to get. It queries each item against the search items. Then it produces true or false per each searched item. (Ina sublist per item)

After that you could filter each item by the sublists if they have true in them.



Hello All,

I have logged issue for internal tracking MAGN-6306.

We will work on getting those node unified to avoid confusion.