User interface in dynamo

how can create a user interface in Dynamo as shown below

Using WinForms or WPF.
WPF is I think more modern and futureproof.

Probably could be done within a Python node, but much easier in C# (like ZeroTouch nodes)


You can do this by creating your own ViewExtension. ViewExtensions are written in C# and Xaml. Have a look at this workshop by the Dynamo Team…

Dynamo BIM - Dynamo Extensions

and have a look at the example projects from Dynamo GitHub…

Autodesk AU 2018 Workshops - Developer

This should hopefully get you started. Hope this helps.

EDIT: Hang about, I may have misunderstood, do you want to make this a node in your graph? Either way you will still need to use C#/xaml but you might want to look at the following…

BiMorph - Zero Touch Developer in 75 mins

Dynamo Developer Wiki - Zero Touch Nodes



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Means, we can’t write such interfaces in python; correct? Need to use C# ?

I think WPF will not work in python. but winforms will work. this is my guess only

It would be easier in C# in my opinion. You could write in python if you like, but would be more painful.

Both WPF and Winform will work with IronPython. It’s a lot of work to make it happen from scratch.
RevitPythonWrapper has a module that helps building simple dialogs.

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Don’t know about WPF as well, but for winforms see here for example, seems possible:

Here a form in python node context within Dynamo:

(although a c# form is used)

Also I think such an interface would get quite a complex code…I don’t think the python code environment within Dynamo is well suited for writing longer pieces…

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I agree with @maciek.glowka, trying to write what would be some quite extensive code would be very painful in python. Have a look at the Data|Shapes nodes for an example of python UI. Much much easier with C#/WPF.

is it possible to write forms in c# and call that in python for Dynamo?

Yeah, I can’t see why not, you’d have to import your class library and have a constructor that takes your data and displays in the form… but if you are going to do that, why wouldn’t you just make the whole node in c#? Would make more sense.

I agree with @Daniel_Woodcock1, this would be utterly pointless when you could simply compile your program and import it via ZT.

Using C# for UI with all the advantages an IDE brings far surpasses using Python and a text editor to do the same thing. You can’t even see the view designer (with Python) and the amount of time you’d waste writing every line of the code-behind (which C# win forms and in many instances, WPF, does for you automatically) would far outweigh the amount of time it would take you to learn C# and write the app in either of those frameworks.