Upper Case Parameter Values without knowing Parameter Names?

I am stuck here… I’ve got the Parameters that are String - NonRead Only… is there a way to extract the Parameter Names so I can write the upper cased values back to the element(s), or am I out of luck?
Do I have to know the Parameter Names in advance?


Parameter.Name hopefully? :slight_smile:

Yes, that is it. Just found it.
Now to figure out how to map that into my graph.

(I post back when I have it)


Thanks for the leg up.
On Dynamo now for a few weeks or so… I feel pretty good.


just a tip

if you zoom in to a node so you can read what it says, and use the camera button, it makes an images with all nodes readable.

Wonderful info…
I’d been frustrated by this… I’d stretch my Dynamo across both monitors then get the image… but I missed doing this on the above.