Underground services from csv to pipe network

HI There,
I have a csv file with relevant information for underground services. We survey the surface level but have information regarding Raw description,depth, class, pipe size, pipe type , location, method and note. Can i use dynamo to take this information into account and create the 3d pipe?
uservices.txt (7.2 KB)
appreciate any help im new to dynamo.

Hi @Al_Steven,

Yep, that’s definitely doable. The Civil 3D Toolkit package has nodes for working with pipe networks that should get you started.


Thanks for the quick reply. I downloaded the tool kit. Ill investigate further, if you have a sample id much appreciate.

These should help.

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Thankyou very much. Im trying to find any video or screencast to get me going. I have tried your first 2 files but obviously i am missing something…i will persist. one big thing we want to add the pipes to sections in civil3d, there is no easy way to do this. and firstly we need to model them in 3d. also want to keep attributes at the vertices/nodes…thanks again

Would property set data work for this?

Great question. I cant get information to attach to a polyline vertice, i don’t think you can.

No. You could either attach the info to the structures connecting the pipes or use COGO points to house the data. Or really any object, for that matter.

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