Trouble to finding the right rotation degree to family instance

This should be a simple task, but it is not working as intended.

So basically i have a lines, vector and the degree itself

my family instance anchor point its at the middle (so it placed at the middle point of the line)

but what i get is

It should be the family pointing out like this (Rotated manually)

Safety_Net_Screen.rfa (1008 KB)
Heres the family.

The question is, how do i arrange or, finding the rotation degree based from a vector

Thanks in advance


Could you please send an image showing all nodes and their preview bubbles pinned? We’re not sure what’s happening exactly.

Hi seems you will need get the normal from you path curve…try something here


can you share us the file? i cant see the flow clearly due to moving images

yeahhh , but just a fast exemple :wink:

normaltest.dyn (29.2 KB)


I have already try with your method given, but the result is not what im expected.

we cant see whats goin on, could you share your graph ? and a rvt only with the path

It Works Greatly after i restart my laptop. Thank you very much.

sorry but i cant share my files due to database and project privacy.

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no worries, happy it could work :wink:

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Hi @sovitek, ive just got my problem again

I already do the following, but the results not whats i expected

Heres the node

Heres the results

it should be pointing out like the red lines go, but its pointing the otherwise…

I wonder whats causing this

Are your perimeter curves drawn with a consistent chained direction? By that I mean does the end point of each curve align to the start point of the next. You can test by pulling the start point of all lines and using a Point.PruneDuplicates node - the result should be 4 points, but if you have any less than that (I’d guess you have 2 here) you’ll get 2 points. Disconnected curve loops occur when you draw the first two lines and offset to get the parallel opposite face and then trim the loop closed.

If they are not closed you’ll need to flip the direction of the family instance accordingly, build a polycurve and explode it (forcing the directions to chain correctly), or otherwise clean up the initial the geometry.

im getting polycurves from outer perimeter curves

We are unsure where you are encountering difficulties. Could you please send the entire graph, ensuring that all preview bubbles are pinned?

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Hi does it work if you connect as here ?



Ohh i see, so Curve.perimeterAtPoint is also accept polycurve data type…

Yes!, thats was my problem, thankyou very much @sovitek. It Solved!

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umm, the graph is very very big, i cant screenshot it all the graph. Sorry. Also i cant share my graph due to theres an database credentials in it. :pray:

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