Transfer workset

hi guys , i want to transfer all of worksets that we’ve created in one of our projects and we want to transfer them into a new template for starting a new project … is there any way to create this action?

have you searched the forums for other examples of this workflow? What have you tried yet? There are some Workset.Create nodes around, so it should seem possible

yes i’ve searched for this action but i couldn’t find any thing for transfer workset into a new project !

What Tom’s asking for is proof of effort.

Do the relevant research. The forums may not have the exact workflow you’re looking for, but it will have similar examples that can get you started. Give it an attempt. Show us what you’ve tried so far.


Posting screenshots or your dynamo graph for as far as you have it would also help the community a lot in understanding better where you get stuck and what you’re trying to achieve.

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May be this one help you…

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Hi @mehrdad610 if you want use dynamo, export your worksets name to excel and create a new one in a new project from this excel, otherwise you can download a plug in from revit store. Cheers

hello , yes you right , can you show me an example of your process that you explain , i would really appreciate

@mehrdad610 How to get help on the Dynamo forums


  1. Export to CSV (From Source File)
  2. Import from CSV (To target file)

Maybe we need to create at least one workset manually in target file.

Of course knowing the end goal is always helpful.
How many worksets are you creating? One, two? Dozens?
Are you renaming Workset1? It is builtin and can’t be deleted - just renamed. Same with the default Shared Levels and Grids workset.
Are worksets being used for visibility control? Not the best approach for visibility control. It is just a bad version of AutoCAD layers.
What are worksets being used for?