Transfer parameter if elements intersect

Hi guys, I`m searching for some advice.
I have some sub Floors inside the main Floor, and there are a lot of such gropups in the project. The aim is to get parameters values from the main floor and set it to sub-floors inside it.
As I understood I need to create 2 lists: Main floors and sub-floors, then check for the intersection between them and transfer parameters if the intersection is true.

Please advise w/ some nods, algorithms or sketches to make it. Thanks in advance.

For now, I came up with such solution,

however, its required to generate clash detection in Revit beforehand.

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I did a few similar exercises on a large job and found that running the built in revit clash detection was MUCH faster than trying to use the geometry intersect node (something like 12x the time to recreate the geometry and then test everything against each other). It also returned better results than a “bounding box contains” method which had many issues with donuts in my case. Perhaps merging the two would work to reduce speed but running the clash detection had the added benefit of producing an intermediate product that allowed me to have something to check results against so I moved on.

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