Time in File Tracking with Dynamo. Date.Now refresh issue?

I’d like to see across the office what files are being used when.
I think Dynamo maybe able to help me. My approach is to create a New CSV file named:
[Project Number][FileName][TimeStamp]

I am able to create a file with

However this is only creating a file each time Dynamo is re opened not each function.

I think it is because, DateTime.Now stamp only updates when dynamo is opened up.

Does anyone have any suggestions on Date.Now or any other way to achieve my objective.

I figured out how to do this.

I think the challenge will be in forcing it to run each time a file is opened

I did something similar ages ago (someone much cleverer than me did the coding) using the API that recorded who opened/saved each file and when and recorded the details in an SQL database.

So you could report on who had worked in a certain file, or which files somone had worked on.

It might sound a little big brother, but there were previously a lot of arguments about who had modified a particuar central file.
Whilst it couldn’t say who had make a particular change, many of the disagreements dried up once peope knew the information was being recorded


Please share. How did you do it?

I really can’t remember- this is going back 8+ years ago
I think it may have been using the DocumentSaved`` orDocumentOpened` events


It is a while since I did this.
Revit has a journal file. I used python and pandas to search the log for the time entries for documents opening and closing. I was able to look at the time stamp of function calls to determine if the file was in use. Then summed the time in the function.

ARUtils provides this as an add on.

Assuming you’re after locally hosted worksharing enabled files, then looking at the associated slog file may be easier.