The commands in Civil 3d

Hello, I have a question about what happens with the commands in Civil 3d, a simple example would be when creating a rectangle, it appears to me obstacles to choose from when creating it


But if I create an alignment, the graphical interface appears, which asks for Site, Alinment style, alignment layer, alignment labet set, my doubt is that there would be no way to enter all this through the command bar

Not with this particular command, no. But with some other commands you can prefix with a - to get the headless version of the command without the user interface. Also look into the FILEDIA and CMDDIA system variables.

For example, the normal command for exporting map layers is MAPEXPORT, which prompts for a file export location and then has another dialog window for setting the various options. But if you change FILEDIA to 0 and then run -MAPEXPORT (note the dash), then you can step through the entire process via the command line. See an example here:


@mzjensen great, thank you very much for all the answers I receive from you in my various questions

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