System Families vs RFA

Hi all,
is there a way to filter Families to sort them between System and not System family?
Right now i’m pulling the Category and filtering using this list but … :slight_smile:
Thanks for any help

How are you doing the initial element collection?

Element Types (Family) so i get a list of Revit.Elements.Family

try this

This works if you’re looking for families with an assigned MEP system. But you could have instances that have been demoed or otherwise have no system info. This also doesn’t distinguish system families from loadable families, as Walls are actually system families.

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Asking for the parent family might help.

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I was just about to say this. I think even FamilySymbol is as far as you need to go as system families would have a specific PipeType, WallType, etc.

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you can use the “Get System Types as List” node of “Bakery v.2019.5.8”. this will allow you to identify all the system families

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The node FamilyInstance.GetFamily gives Null when the family is a system family.
not the best way but it works.


This works good, only when you select elements using the node (All Elements in Active view) which includes the mechanical en pipe systems so at the end it filters the pipe as a system family but the pipe system as a normal family.
but i would change my selection method to select model elements manually and i would use your way.