Surface Path Subdivision based on Max Area

I’ve been looking at a previous post about Subdivision of curves with max spacing by @jostein_olsen, in my problem I would like to subdivide a surface path by Maximum Area and still keeping the subdivision lines Orthogonal to the path boundaries as per the mentioned post. How would I go about this?

Path-Area.dyn (15.4 KB)



Wow! That was fast!

Thanks a lot. Let me break it down now and learn the process as I test it.

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Hi, I finally got to try out the algorithm on different simple curves and it worked perfectly.

I also noticed that the algorithm works best on parallel lines/curves. It seemed to run quite for long on non-parallel curves and I had to stop the process midway since I couldn’t wait 2 hours with all that Ram out of my access. It did however finish the process on a pair of very short non parallel straight lines.

Things however got even more complicated when I tried it on a large scale spline curve with many control points. The curve was done in AutoCAD and then imported into Revit(2019) as a spline curve since Polylines would just break (too many lines to join over n over again as part of the algorithm) and potentially create problems with the Curve.ClosestPointTo(point) due to the non-curved turns.

The non-simplicity of the curve brought challenges in all attempts to do an offset in AutoCAD and Revit and when it was possible in AutoCAD the resulting Polyline was not exactly parallel to the initial due to trimming.

My solution to get the offset working was to make the spline a Nurbs Curve in Dynamo and then offset it to create the second curve. Seemed to work well, algorithm isn’t taking too long.

The current problem is, some of the ~beams~ are not joining between the closest points between the two curves and this is creating problems down the line, like doing the lofting process.

I’ve tried simplifying the Revit spline by removing some control points, two times but still :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Where do you think the problem is? I wouldn’t want to oversimplify the curves.
01 Dynamo Path-Area Subdivision_1.rvt (3.0 MB)

Path-Area_m.dyn (24.6 KB)

I manually simplified the spline at the problematic area and so far it’s working fine, too bad some curve information has been lost. I’m trying it on other curves atm.

Some curves are offsetting well enough in Dynamo for the algorithm to proceed (the second curve), but wont render back to Revit. ToBSPlineCurve Not Implemented

Any tips about dealing with splines and nurbs curves will be appreciated especially with offsetting :grinning:.