Hello !

I’m placing beams in my Revit model with the node “StructuralFraming.BeamByCurve”.
I’m first running my code with a set of Curves and my beams appear in Revit. Then, I’m running my code again but with a different set of Curves and my first beams disappear… Do you know what to do to keep my older beams in my model ?

Thanks !

Hi @ansobr

Use Dynamo player.

I don’t understand what Dynamo player can change for this problem ?

Check this out & you’ll get the concept behind it

Dynamo has a weird quirk about rolling back transactions on subsequent runs. Using dynamo player will fix the problem, but that won’t help for anyone using 2016. Otherwise I found that Bakery has a node “Copy Elements to the Same Place”, if you pipe the elements as copies and then delete ones the originally created and it should fix the rollback problem.

On a side note, it would be really nice if dynamo allowed users to keep transaction on subsequent runs; not being able to run a script more than once kind of defeats the purpose of writing a script in the first place.

I know it’s been discussed at length before, however I wouldn’t consider it a quirk more of a conscious decision by the Dynamo Team to allow parametric design change. If my structural frame went through several iterations and members of the previous designs weren’t automatically deleted it would make working Dynamo and Revit tedious. I do agree Dynamo deleting previously instantiated members is also tedious when there is a new input, but there is some logic in the way Dynamo behaves.