Stop running script after a certain amount of time



You could do that, but why should we do this from a computational point of view?

The idea behind my “Await” node and other coded in a similar way is, that we wait for a previous node to send all the data before passing another datastream. This is essentially your “counter”. In other words, you don’t need to count, you just need the wait for a complete datastream.

Waiting for a “go” from other nodes could be coded into all nodes (an await mechanism), but it seems to be a bit to much while this about waiting is needed in very few cases.


I think my post was meant to be more in line with the original intent of the post, which I read as a way to break infinty loops when you had programmed them incorrectly, not so much about making the graph complete in an ordered way. I have used a “wait” node in various forms for sequence, but what I thought @Fiesta was wanting was a way to break out of a death loop.


Ahh, so as one is tinkering with their Loop-based script, weather in DS or Python, they could use their own estimate to determine a maximum number of iterations. And if/when they get it working, the max count could be removed (or retained as an optional input). Everybody wins! :yum: