Stairs to helix

Hi guys,
i’m trying to recreate the helix “used” in a spiral stairs using Dynamo. I’m trying to find a smart way to get the height at 360deg and the total number of degrees.
I got the axisPoint and the startPoint using the stair geometry. Right now i’m using vectors to calculate the angle between each steps and get the 360 deg then multiplying that by the riser height.
I’m looking for a way to use the geometry.

@Daniel_Hurtubise ,

You can start with this…


Hello Mr. Hurtubise if you take the middle of each stair nosing (pointatparameter 0.5) of each curve
then junction with Nurbscurve
(Isolated a 90° section of this nurbscurve with cut by 2 half surfaces) in order to obtain the Delta Z for 90°

Then I don’t know if the nurbscurve approximation is sufficient

To get center of helix (Boundingbox and projected midpoint on bottom plane)

here is image of the script and script (I left on another solution for the center of the propeller)

06 Décembre forum anglais.dyn (98.8 KB)