Splitting Floors

Is there any way to split floors in Revit ,conserving its levels and floor types

thank you

Please clarify:
-In Revit?
-Horizontal split?
-Vertical split?
-Diagonal split?

Yes in Revit, the idea is to to split floors into multiple floors with conservation of its levels and types
(as shown in the photo)

Hi Khalil,

This should get you started. I extracted the geometry of floors and split them using Reference Plane geometry. The next step would be to use the perimeter curves of these surfaces to create new floors and final step might be delete the old floors.

You can’t edit the floor shape or split using split command. Thus the workflow is extract geometry, split the geometry and create new floors from this geometry. Finally you could delete the old floors automatically too.

new floors from old floors.dyn (26.5 KB)

Edit: This shows what the reference planes should look like.

Thank you Simon for your help,
I started adding some nodes to associate floor type to levels i got this:

This file should help. Basically you need to match the number levels to the number of curve groups you got.

new floors from old floors.dyn (64.3 KB)


List Chop is the step you need. I think my flattening node before is a bit confusing. However when working swiftly sometimes you get something that works even if it isn’t the best approach.

Great Simon, It works (it is on bottom surface of the floor)

what if I want to use Mass Instead of the reference plans