Space Programming Blocks - Issue Updating Them

I was asked by a team member If I cold create a script that would produce some programing block from an excel spreadsheet. In short, 3D generic models are produced from an architectural program in Excel. The script works great when producing the first round of blocks. What I am really struggling with is pushing updates from the spreadsheet to the newly created blocks. The script will completely rewrite the blocks when trying make changes via the spreadsheet.

for instance, if the blocks were moved after the initial creation, to start organizing spaces in 3D, and the script was rerun to make adjustments to the areas, names, etc, the blocks get regenerated back in their original locations, like shown in the picture below. This obviously does not work for space planning if the blocks keep getting moved back to their starting places.

Has anyone dealt with this problem in the past? I have search but keep coming up empty handed.

Any help would be appreciaited

I assume it will possibly be an element bindings issue depending how the script makes them originally. Consider making two scripts, one which creates them and initiates their properties, then a second one which only finds them by number or mark, then updates their properties.

Better still - one graph that asks if the block name/id/number exists, and adjusts the sizes if so, and if not creates a new block.

Thanks for the help. Amazing that a person can have the same idea but not until someone else suggests it does it fully make sense. I use both your response and JacobSmall’s to got my issue solved. Thank you so much!

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Awesome! This is exactly what I ended up doing. I added some functionality to my graph that checks if a “Block ID” number exists in a project already and adjust the size if so, or creates a new one if not. Thanks for your help!

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