Sorting list by sublists


found the way how to sort the x point of element in ascending order.
but I wonder how to sort the y point in descending in order while maintaining in x point ascending order…
Sorry for my english…

Try doing the sorting in the opposite order of what you want. For example, if you want:

  1. sorted in ascending order by index 1 of the sublist, and then
  2. sorted in descending order by index 2

you should do the opposite order, meaning:

  1. sort by descending order by index 2, then
  2. sort by ascending order by index 1.

See attached:

Same result… T.T

It looks like it worked, but the Dynamo data is missing some of the data that the excel has. For example, Excel’s row 3 doesn’t look like it exists in the dynamo data.

But for what is in Dynamo, it is sorted first by ascending column D, then by descending column E so it looks like it worked. Can you show where it doesn’t?

sort by descending order is reset in Row 37…

Check the data in row D to make sure that there aren’t more places after the decimal you can’t see. It might be ordering to a higher significant digit that you can’t see.

I checked… It’s same

Try with an == or > node. It shouldn’t be able to just reset the sorting after a random amount of items.

Ok. I’ll try. Thanks!