Sort points along curve node not available...DLL packages wont install

I made use of a node from lunchbox below: that I am using to write a script for work, however the node is not available at work because I cant get lunchbox, to install along with Archi-nodes, bumblebee, Rhythm etc. Because they have .DLLs, I think. and I cant get them to work. Anyways, can anyone post the python code for this node up here? or post a dynamo script that has all of the embedded nodes/code up here?or can you please show me how to do it a different way? I really need this functionality to make my script work. Thanks!

P.S. If you know how I can install my DLL packages another way, I am all ears! thanks!


Please someone out there… help!

Hello @luisergioalcala …probably something here could help…