Sort coordinates from closed polycurve in clockwise

Hi, I’m trying to sort coordinates of polycurves from different shapes of surfaces, then get the vector to find one of points on the polycurves and cut the surface by line,
But I’ve tried to get vector through without sorting coordinates, In this progress, I found that coordinates order from the polycurve is not always clockwise, sometimes it’s anticlockwise.
Is there any way to sort coordinates from minimum x,y valuse to clockwise way?

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@jaeho , hi

i like to read the text, so i can create the script in my fantasy … :slight_smile:

… you can try reverse and sort nodes

@Draxl_Andreas Hi, Thank you for your suggestion.
It seems like the reverse node works. Coordinates order starts right before of the minimum point but still I can reorder the list. I think now I can move on to the next step :+1:

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