Sort by values from a sublist of a sublist

I want to sort the values of a sublist from a sublist from a sublist, but i cant get it worked.
Can someone help me

Just use “List.Sort” lacing to longest.

That works Kulkul, thanks.
Next I want to group the elements by the sorted values.
Normally it’s easy, but with the nested lists in nested lists, i cant figure it out how…

The point is that we want an script what filters out a specific category with a specific parameter value.
With the package FamilyInstance Location, I read out the point of the filtered family instances.

Those I want to sort by:

  • Level
  • Room
  • Y Point
  • X Point

So until the Y-point it works. Than i get stuck…

Mark this post and create a new topic. Your query is off topic. Thanks :slight_smile: