Sort a list of points with difference between the coordinates

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Is it possible to get the order of the points as in the attached picture example

Even if there is some slight difference between the coordinates

I found the idea, but if there are no differences between the coordinates, as in the link

I hope I made my point clear

q sort by locatio.dyn (16.7 KB)

Hello…could “list reverse” help you in that case

I used this code
But it needs modification
Any idea to reach the goal as in the example picture


import clr
orglst = IN[0]
orglst.sort(key = lambda orglst: (orglst.Y, orglst.X, orglst.Z))
OUT = orglst

Hello @hosneyalaa
I have done this exercise, you can further modify the script as per your requirement

You can further sort the group as per group average.

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HI @honeyjain619

attach the code

Hello @hosneyalaa

Home11.dyn (24.0 KB)