Slab Level set by parameter - READ ONLY VALUE?

Hi there,
I have generated varying floor plates for a building. The slabs are all referencing one level. I ran a script using the list sort by key to obtain the levels i need in the correct order. Once I had these i wanted to set each level to the corresponding floor slab using set by parameter by name. Trouble is once i connected these node the error says, the parameter is read only.
Is there really no way to automate the level of the slab. I’ve hit a wall. How else would i do this? Does anyone have any thoughts?

It is probably easiest to create them on the correct level initially.

I have not found a way to easily re-host existing elements to a different level (although it could be possible)- so have resorted to cut/paste using the ‘aligned to selected levels’ option in Revit


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Hi there Andrew, thanks for the reply I appreciate it.
Yes, i couldn’t find an easy way of doing this either. The problem is, the floor plate varies at each level so we have a unique slab at every elevation and we have 70 elevations. I conceded defeat in the end and generated the slabs then went level by level to reassign the reference level. I guess a look at python is required to rehost these slabs.

Thanks again!