Simple On/Off Preview/Write to model switch

Maybe a very simple question… but is there an easy way to use a 1 or 0 input to activate or deactivate node(s)?

I would like to be able to run a program and preview the results before actually turning on the ‘write to revit model’ part. Sure, you can disconnect the last node while testing but in large programs with multiple Set Parameter nodes that is a pain.

Hi Joseph,

I’ve found that an “If” node can always help in those cases.

You can put your geometry generating nodes on the left side of the if node and your model generating nodes on the right side. If you have different geometries that require unique ways of generating their model geometry, you could feed a single “Boolean” test node to multiple “If” nodes and process your geometry separately:


^ The geometry is modeled with a True statement



^nothing is passed with a False statement and no geometry is modeled.


If you feel like it, you could even run everything through a single choke point:




It does add a bit of complexity but it pays back in convenience later on.

Thanks Dimitar. A way to send Null to a function with a boolean is exactly what I need.