Selecting elements according level range

Hi everyone.
I have such a question.

I have a building with 10 floors.
I would like to select elements, for example: all Rooms only between, for example: 3 and 7 floor.
(All rooms in range from 3 to 7 floor)

Any body know how to do this?

ps. I am green like cucumber:)

Ask_1.dyn (44.9 KB)

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Dynamo is case sensitive.
Can you check if the Level name is “level 1” or " Level 1"

yes, I’m repaired this. But this still don’t solve my problem. :slight_smile:

I did something like this, but I can only mark one floor with this method.

Study the Dynamo Primer

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Here’s a quick dirty example no how you could do itPick in between level.dyn (59.5 KB)

You will need the Data-Shapes packages, you will get prompted for selecting levels (Top & Bottom) and then follow along.
This could be optimized but the logic is good to understand