Select category of a level

Hi everyone
I’m green… :joy:
this Dynamo can output all level of tag in 3D text
and now I just need to one of level
how to it ?plz help, thanks

I try some method but still not working

you are looking for that?
check that you select the right level



Hi @metalrule and welcome, you need to filter the rooms by the desired level, one of the ways to know the hosting level of a room is this:



For what i need Group.ByKey ?

Was more to say that there are more ways to ‘filter’ things.

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I think that’t what I mean,
select element by level
then select the category that I want
thank you Andreas
I need to more pratice about list.filterbyboolmask and code block

Thank you tradelie
this’s soultion is very beautiful
I like it and its usefull

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It make 2 group,not my type
but I can save it for some time
I think It can inspire me some thing

some web in time,I find another one
I’ts usefull too

and share for everyone who help me