Seclect Rebar category from Revit to Dynamo

Hello everyone,

My name is Duy from Vietnam. I am a new user of Dynamo programming.

I have some issue that need your help. How we can seclect Rebar category from Revit to Dynamo??
Please see attached picture to refer for this subject.

My purpose is that I want to find out the minimum distance between these rebars and compare with my expected tolerance (25mm). If they are not comfortable (clashes) with this tolerance, I hope to able to set up a rule that can move clashes in order to comfort expected tolerance.

I would like to hear your advice on this subject. I really appreciate if get any feedback from all of you.

Thank you.

hi @Duy.Le

I tried many options to read the rebar geometry but what I concluded is that we cannot read it because rebars in revit are generated in a different way than other elements,

the solution for that is to get the rebar centrelines using the “BIM4Struct” package using the node “RebarGetCenterlineCurve” see the image below

How does your script work and l do the same and it does not?

How is the same nodes able to give me ‘null’?