Search for Shared Parameters by Name

I have a nested family (.rfa) with a lot of shared parameters (instance) setup. Sometimes the index numbers are not always the same.

How do I search in Dynamo for specific parameter names?

can you use this?

Another option: Parameter.Name, and List.SortByKey.

The issue with the most Nodes that look at Names, is the Element Input. You can see here, that I need something from Parameter input or List inputs. Check out this snapshot. Element.Parameters and List.Transpose are what I need to search by the Parameter Name (essentially a googling parameters) NestedSharedParameter|690x301

I would love to but it doesn’t appear to have worked.

Element.Parameters will get all parameters associated to an element. Parameter.Name will get the name of the parameters. Use that as a key to sort the parameters (from the Element.Parameters node) and the order will be the same (assuming all elements have all parameters). Alternatively if you want to see which elements have a given parameter use a List.FilterByBoolMask to create a filter (or a series of filters) for each element.