Search and Replace text in a REVIT file with a list of words in a WORD document?

I have seen complicated scripts that look for text in a REVIT file and populate a Word file.
I am trying to do the reverse.
I have a list of words (in WORD) that the Government will not allow us to use in our REVIT files. I want to do a search for these words and then allow the user to substitute or delete them from the REVIT file. I would rather not use the native search and replace tool as this will take quite a bit of time on the user’s behalf, by copying in the word to search then run a find then on to the next etc.
This seems like this should be a cake walk, but based on the thread I saw when going the other way from REVIT to Word, it’s a big deal.

Maybe try exporting each text note to Excel instead of Revit
(And using an ID or something to make sure you replace the correct ones when you reverse it)

You need to:

  1. Specify the scope where those words shouldn’t show up - like annotations, families names, types names, in parameters etc.
  2. Collect those elements.
  3. Check for string in string or any other method.
  4. Create raport where those names appear.
  5. Rename them all.