Script to Join layers of Walls with Floors

Good morning, as a test for a project i’m trying to use Dynamo to modify the way a Wall and a Floor join normally. In the first screenshot you can see the “standard” join setting, then the second screenshot represents the situation after using the node “Element.JoinGeometry”. After using this node the internal finishes are correctly joined, the problem lays in the corner, because i would like not to have that little grey square outside the wall, instead my goal is one of these two (or both of them if possible):

  1. joining the two external layers of the wall (light green and purple) to the structural layer of the floor (light orange)
  2. cutting the three layers of the floor and use the external side of the structural layer of the wall to let the last two of them (light orange and light blue) to stop them.
    If you have any advice or idea i thank you very much!
    SDP 1

@umberto95 ,

you have first to priorize your layers in the wall, than you can join them correctly… the core rules