Save central file and detach file whilst saving to location

Hey All

Is there a way to save the current central file in revit, and then detach the file and save it in a seperate location using dynamo??

Thanks for your help in advance!

Why would you want to do this thru Dynamo? It would seem to me that one might get some error as Dynamo would no longer be pointing to the most current Revit session and so on.

I am not sure you would save any time by trying to automate this somewhat important step, but that is just me.

It is to create a delivery button for issuing documents.
I want to then delete all sheets and views outside of one browser category (issue views)
then remove all links, purge unused, export navisworks, ifc then save file ready for issue.

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Have you tried E-Transmit?

Looks like it’s possible trough the api:

But i’m not sure if it can be done in Dynamo, because you are only allowed to work with one document at a time.

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Yeah I think API is way to go. Thanks!

Not sure if this is going to work with Dynamo since detaching can only be done when opening a file (which would mean having to switch documents in Dynamo which, in turn, is usually a recipe for disaster). Also, as far as I know, there is no API method for Purge Unused.

Any one help with Create file with Detached with dynamo and also delete all views, sheets, schedule and purge ?

anyone can handle this with python and dynamo ?

Thank you.