Run DYnamo Script on entire folder of dwg's

Thanks Paolo, that was it.

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C# programmer here… comes to look at dynamo… within first minute of dynamo use, notices that you need to use friggin python to import external dwgs… closes dynamo… never opens it again…

actually comes back to dynamo briefly… to check if compiled dll’s can be utilized within dynamo to expand its functionality… like load a bunch of files…? anyone know if that’s readily possible?

not bad for your first post :slight_smile: C# programmer here too, love Dynamo and respect your opinions.
First, to import DWG as Block there is a dedicated node.
Second, Zero Touch is a common way to create nodes to customize functionalities in Dynamo Zero Touch Plugin Development · DynamoDS/Dynamo Wiki · GitHub

What’s not to like about Python? if it’s the IDE in Dynamo I agree, but you can use an external editor and have the same features you have in Visual Studio when working with .NET

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Hope all is well my friend. I am working on tweaking the whole folder of dwg’s script that you helped me with (and many people have said helped them going through our posts online). I was looking to do a similar thing but import a Page Layout instead of erase and insert block. Have you seen anybody so something similar to that?

The issue is that with Europe adopting IFC format, many Arch’s and Eng’s need to export to vanilla AutoCAD dwg’s and import the IFC page layout.

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I was doing that 30 years ago. I used AutoLISP to write a script that opened a list of DWGs with whatever commands, including LISP functions, and saved. Then I’d simply run the script.