Run a dynamo script with Python


I had just a quick question if people know it is possible to run a Dynamo file from a python script. So you won’t need to start up a dynamo player or dynamo self and will be able to run the dynamo file from out the python script.

So yes where could I find more information about this. I have looked around but couldn’t find any information about this topic.

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Not sure about Python directly, but it is doable via the dark art of journal playback. The Dynamo for automation package does this, albeit you need to open Dynamo to use it.


Ah okay thanks for the reply!

But I am looking for just a way to run a dynamo script from a Python script without manually opening Dynamo

I am looking for the same function also. May I ask is there any updates about this topic?

This is a question for the python integration with Revit, so I would seek help via that product.


Maybe have a look at PY Revit?

I personally would be interested to hear your results :slight_smile:



Hello, is there any update with running Dynamo using a Python script?

hello you can try this

Thanks, will look into this!!
Will it enable me to run a dynamo script over a specific Revit file without opening Revit at all?

I haven’t had the chance to try it yet
you don’t neet launch Revit manually RevitBatchProcessor launch Revit and then Dynamo Script or Python script.
But you can’t launch Dynamo since Python script

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