Rotation of families

Revit%20screenshot Hello,

I am creating a script with placing of families. Goal of the script is to place a families and rotate them to have “smooth” transition between families.

For now everything is going smooth but I have a problem with the rotation of a family… Problem appears on switching curves (e.g. from line to arc), a family is rotated only on a next point and do not calculated also previous point.

Any ideas, hints how to prepare a script so that rotation will take in count also previous point??

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I’m not 100% sure what you mean, but why not just use Curve.TangentAtParameter? That way it shouldn’t matter if they’re separate curves as long as the transition is smooth since they’ll be tangent aligned, and even that you could cover with Curve.ByBlendBetweenCurves if needed.

Something like this:

curvepointdirection.dyn (43.6 KB)


Dear Avz

thank you for the reply and the idea. I will give a try!

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