rotation around the local x-axis

I place reinforced concrete frames at the coordinates of the path and rotate them around the local Z-axis (FamilyInstance.SetRotation). The problem is that the tunnel is sloping. How to set this slope to frames? The frames stand horizontally and a ladder is obtained.
Maybe they can be somehow rotated around the local X-axis?
PS: Frames should lie on an inclined base.

Hi @170596maxim ,

Revit is setup in such a way that normal families can only be rotated along the Z-Axis. This is a limit of Revit so even with Dynamo can this not be done.

You could however create a parametric family with some sort of slope parameter to rotate along other axises. Also adaptive families work great if you need to create sloped objects

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I believe this is only true of reference-based families after they’ve been placed. Depending on how your family is setup, you can either rotate them freely or you may have to disconnect the family from its reference first (not sure if that’s doable through the API though.) You could also create a reference plane at your needed slope and place your reference-based families on the plane to get the correct angle.