Rotate to Normal - List 0:0 and List 0:1 has similar angles, but does not respond properly

I am trying to rotate satellite geometries around their axis, so their edges are normal to the grid point (central geometry). The list numbers and sequences checked and correct.

I placed a vector on Z-axis on the center of each satellite and a vector to the normal (that is going from the center of grid point (central geometry) to center of satellite point.

This would allow me to find the angle between the vector on Z-axis and the vector to the Normal. I could use the list of angle’s for rotation of the geometry. So, all the geometries on the same row, should have similar rotation.

NOTE: This was working on the previous version of Dynamo (0.9.2 or 2016), however when I updated to newer version it does not respond.

What did you see instead?

The list 0:0 is not the same as the List 0:1 - which I could not find any reason why it would be. Since the List 0:0 respond properly rotation to the normal, rest of the lists do not… (as shown in the List 0:1

I believe this is a bug, since it was responding before but not anymore…

I look forward to our comments. Please check the images below.

Dynamo version


Operating system

Windows 10