Revit Background Preview: Available in 2016 but not in 2015?

I tried searching but couldn’t find any info about this…

I don’t have the ability to ‘Preview’ > ‘Revit Background Preview’ in Revit 2015, but I do in Revit 2016. (The issue is that I need to model some geometry in an old 2015 project. I really need the ability to see what i am scripting alongside the Revit model)

Screenshots from my Revit 2016 on top and Revit 2015 on bottom - Dynamo v1.0.0.1180:

Assuming you only require the Revit file for reference…

  • Make a copy of the file and save it in 2016
  • Work on Dynamo in the 2016 version of the file

Once you’re done using the Revit file as a reference …

  • Open the 2015 version of the Revit file
  • Run the Dynamo definition that you’ve worked on.