Replace point using List.ReplaceItemAtIndex

I want to use List.ReplaceItemAtIndex and put “no” into the specified index if “true”.
My ultimate goal is to replace the points, but even a provisional list will show an “empty list”.
I would be very happy if you could tell me what was the problem.

Thank you very much.

this is a way to do it (node is from Bakery)

I am very grateful for the reply.
However, “No results returned!” Is displayed and the package cannot be searched. Also, downloading from a file on the web will not succeed.
If you can, please tell me how to avoid using packages.

What is your ultimate goal? Would this not achieve the same desired output?

The ultimate goal is to place families at points while preserving the list structure. At that time, we are trying to prevent the family from being placed by inserting “no” into the index of the point where we do not want to place the family.

another way

Springs has a similar node

Thank you! ! It worked perfectly.
What if you want to display multiple “no” s in one list?
I’m sorry to ask you one after another.

This is a way if there are 2 lists, I really don’t know how to do it with x-number of lists.

are you looking for that?

the goal is i believe to work with ootb nodes.

Thank you for your reply!
What I want to do is exactly what you are doing!
However, connecting nodes in the same way doesn’t work …

Thank you for your reply!
I want to concatenate multiple lists …
I can learn a lot of information from your reply.
I really appreciate it.

it’s a node Archilab

I see! It went well.
thank you very much!