Replace multiple curtain parameter values(txt) to blank

Dear All

Is it possible to erase curtain parameter values that is set as text to a blank value or 0 in revit with a dynamo script.

A have a basis script that works with fire rating wall but i have to put more values and parameter in it and in the script with fire rating he script fills only the paramter where a value 0 ior Null is in.

I want to erase all the values from >0 to 0 in one set. It must work for about 12 parameter names at once.

Please can any one help me.

Yes it’s possible. Please show us your attempt so far.


Blank values are just an empty string. I don’t know what type of parameter storage allows for a null return. If you want to set it to blank, use the setparameterbyname with the value as "". If you need any help past that, as @Nick_Boyts said, please show us what you have.


Thank you very much for looking at this topic.

Here is my script so far.
It was a script for setting a value in to a fire rating parameternname but i want to use it for piping in revit.

Please let me know if you need more information. Set multiple parameters to blank.dyn (35.1 KB)