Repeat function for each item in list


To keep it short, I need some help.
Is there any way for me to repeat the “Classification” for each item in the list (All Elements of Category)?

I have tried multiple solutions but can’t seem to get it to work.

Thanks in advance.

Use a List.GroupByKey and a List.SortByKey instead, both of which at list Level 2 (@L2). This will require you don’t pass any functions though, so you will need to wire in the input to the FamilyType.Name node as well.

That dosn’t solve my problem unfortunately.
It can’t work if the “Sort by function” has a list input with mulitple element types.
For the rest of the “Classification” proces to work it needs to be only one element list at a time.

The failure is from having a list of lists.

What happens if you replace the sort by function and group by function to sort by key and group by key as I indicated? Be sure to wire data into the FamilyType.Name node, set all inputs to be @L2, and use and the ‘sorted keys’ become the keys for your group by key node.