Renumbering Doors by room number problem

Hi everyone,

I would like to renumber my doors by their respective room number “toRoom”. Which is pretty straight forward and works smoothly so far.
But now, if two or more doors have the same “toRoom” value, I want to sort them by their “fromRoom” number.


It seems like I have troubles sorting the List of Lists by another List of Lists.
Any ideas?

Hi @se.ha

Could you maybe share your dynamo file and a corresponding Revit file? As of now the screenshot you send is unreadable :slight_smile:

Basic flow would be to renumber. Then find the duplicates on the list. Then apply whatever logic to those that you need. It would still be one graph. No need for two separate graphs.

I agree with @aaronrumple on splitting off the non-duplicate doors. You could use count.occurence i believe from the clockwork package to get the unique items and how many of each item there is. Anything x>1 could be your test. then pull the fromroom for the remaining doors.

I dont know if this solution will ultimately resolve your problem, because some of your fromrooms would potentially have multiple doors associated with them. Have you ever used the Allegion App called Overtur? In the past year they have added a door renumbering tools that should get you 90+% of your doors renumbered properly.