Remove Overlapping Lines along plane

I am trying to remove overlapping lines from a list so only the lines between supports are left.

I have already looked into the ‘Filter lines Overlap’ post, from Oct’16 and all others with similar names. I’ve tried filtering out the lines longer than the average but get undesired results in certain cases. I’ve tried ‘Prune duplicates’ from Data shapes and ‘curve.remove duplicates’ from bimorph nodes…still no luck.OVerlappingLines.dyn (9.6 KB)

Does checking the number of intersects work for your application?

Thanks for your response! I tried using it before but couldn’t figure it out. I don’t think it will work in my case since even the ones that are between supports are touching each other at their ends; I just get 0’s and 1s for my ‘count false’. CountFalse

The original graphic was just an exaggerated illustration of the lines but the script I attached is the situation I am dealing with; so more like the image below.