Remove objects with duplicate parameter value from list

I have a Shared Parameter which contains a user-entered number regarding demolition notes. In my graph I want to identify any duplicate numbers and display these numbers one time each in a list. I have filtered a list down to the elements which have values in this parameter; from here, I am stymied about how to proceed.

The image below shows my sample data. The GetParameterValue node shows the number value for each object which has a value in the demolition note parameter. The result I want in this example is a list which contains two items: the values “001” and “002” since there are duplicates of each of them, and I want the list to exclude the values “003” and “004” since there is only one instance of each. How do I get such a list?

You could group them by that parameter then take the item at index 0 from each sublist.

I’m not very familiar with list grouping. Is this something like what you mean (image below)? Also, wouldn’t that make a list of all the unique numbers, as in the lower Watch node in the image below? I only want the duplicated numbers, not the numbers which occur only once.

Oh, in that case you could take those grouped lists, do a list.count, check for greater than 1, and then filter.

Simple and brilliant. That will work. Thank you!