Relationship among Building Elements

Hi. I have a room with four walls and a door. Now I would like to know if there is any way to Show the relationship among those Elements? ( I would like to generate an Excel file showing the relationships and then based on that Excel, would like to visualize the relationship) thank you

What kind of relationship? Visualize what exactly? Can you provide more information or an example?

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Thank you sir for your reply. My model has 4 walls, one door, one window and two slabs. My tasks are that I want to do- (step 1) generate 4 excel files with the help of Dynamo (since I have four type of building elements). I assume that each type has its own id. (step 2) convert those excel files into csv (step 3) run those csv in Neo4j to create relationship between those building elements. (now in this step number 3, to create relationship between different building elements each excel file (created in the first step) should have some common parameters; for example windows & doors are part of the wall or floors are attached to the walls) so I would like to know is there any connecting parameters or ID that could be generated using Dynamo? thank you

  • A Room will be able to tell you its bounding elements (which would include all your categories.)
  • Doors and Windows will be able to tell you the Wall they’re hosted to.
  • Depending on how your Walls are constructed they could tell you the Floor or Roof slab they’re attached to. Otherwise they will tell you their level and offset which could probably get you close.
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thank you again sir. i would try and let u know

hello sir. I have got the Solutions based on your Point 1 and Point 2. but I am struggling with Point number 3 . Depending on how your Walls are constructed they *could* tell you the Floor or Roof slab they’re attached toI could not find any command in Dynamo that would tell me this! (my walls are telling their Level and Offsets and but i would like to know with which wall they are attached) could you guide me again kindly?

It looks like I may have been wrong there. I did a quick search and could only find if a wall was attached but not what it’s attached to.

I think you might also be going about this the wrong way. Do you need to know which slabs the walls are attached to or which slabs define the room? If you have a wall spanning 3 levels do you want it to say it’s attached to the Level 1 floor and the Level 3 roof? Or do you want it to say the slabs above and below for each level?

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Exactly…most walls are not attached. you could get geometry and find if they intersect…that would be a pretty intense calculation depending on elements in project.

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It depends quite how big & how long you’re prepared to wait…

I’ve done clashes with a few thousand doors and a few hundred room solids and it took maybe an hour on my regular desktop PC, but it didn’t fall over…

You can return the room boundaries as polygons, so if you project your window and door locations as points onto the same plane you can test whether they are inside and probably reduce the load quite a bit…

I quite like a geometric solution to these kinds of tasks because I can sense check the results visually.

Hopefully that’s of interest,


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Thank you all for your valuable comments. I have got some results from dynamo.Capture

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