"regroup" again, how?

Hello Dynos,

I am not sure if this is a dynamo question, So my story is:

I accidently ungrouped Elements, can I regroup them without creating a new group. Aim is to remain the RevitIDs but at the same time to have the same group! Is this even possible?

is there an API property like doors “ismirrored” - like “isgrouped” ?

First idea is to make a simple rollback of the file, but because of time-schedule it is not possible to do that. Can I roll back just the ungrouped
Elements to grouped agin?
Projekt1.rvt (1.1 MB)


Sorry I’m not sure if I understand, but I will try and help…

You can do a temporary transaction and roll back, it’s very quick.

You can query whether an element is in a group (clockwork has some nodes?).

You can’t find out if an element used to be in a group unless the journal file has something?

I tried to cross check a group type with temporarily ungrouped elements to see what was missing but there were so many stray things which Revit uses under the hood I got unreliable results. Maybe someone has a better result than I got :slight_smile:

Searching the forum should turn up most of this stuff :slight_smile:

Hope that’s useful!


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My problem is i ungrouped elements in a sensitive file! Ceiling components. I have the model in the cloud BIM360docs… …roleback is easy! BUT we have taff time-schedule. so i can`t roll back.

I could copy the groups just from an older version. I could also regroup it again BUT the model is linked to file where are all 2D information is created (dimensions, tags,…) so when i reload the file all that dims would get lost!

… Thank you Mark! I will give it a try



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Ok… How about…

Get a copy of the roll back project file.
Use it to get the groups you’re interested in, and the element ids of the elements in the groups.
Save that out as a text file.
In the file with the ungrouped elements, read the text file to get the element ids and group types.
Select the elements
Put them in a temporary group
Swap the group back to the former group type?

It’s a lot of work!

Best of luck :slight_smile:


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