Redundant Shared Parameters - Merge Name

Hi There!

For a large global company I am trying to combine multiple engineering departments into one single RTE file.
The only problem is that every department uses diffrent shared parameters.

Plus, some of them have not been consistent in the use of assiging parameters (per user).
I am talking about ++100 Families (C.a. 500-750 types).
I assume that I might not want to do this manually.


Is there anybody on this community who can aid / advice me in merging shared and Non-shared parameter GUIDS and Names aswell ?
All of this without the loss of values, ofcourse.

Recently I have asked @Robert_Klempau about this, he helped me by giving me advice about the manual way.
I guess he might be very happy to also be informed.

Also there’s a topic on the Adsk forum with a solution that explains the manual way in the comments section:

Do you have a solution or do you share this challenge? Please let me know!