Rectangular Parking Stalls - Polyline based

Hi ,

I have managed to create rectangular parking stalls based on polyline. I have it working to certain level, however i did notice that the rectangle units are not exactly straight & seem to overlap at certain points. i guess since its polyline its not exactly perpendicular at every point(point at parameter) & intersect boundary with other rectangle units.
if is a straight line or curve it works fine, but for polyline i get the self intersections. Any chance to make it more efficient & clean.

Could anyone please suggest any ideas to make it not self intersect or what other methods could i opt for.
Thank you

This isn’t an issue with the base being a polyline, but with the base being a curve.

As the radius offsets inwards you get less space on the interior. Instead of placing the stalls on the center arc, place them at the shortest arc and you should get better results. Noted that this will produce a ‘gap’ on the exterior which might allow an extra at the exterior set of stalls, but the curvature would have to be quite extreme and the length quite long.

LineDwgCarpark.dyn (26.6 KB)

You could just make your spots to fit the line: